Mahler's Symphony of 1,000 returns home

Mahler's Symphony of 1,000 returns home


norman lebrecht

October 17, 2011

Mariss Jansons conducted a performance in Munich, where Mahler premiered the work in September 2010. Here‘s a review.

Somehow, the original looks more exciting.

photo: Lebrecht Music & Arts


  • Andrew Powell says:

    Thielemann failed in this piece last year, in the same hideous hall, and was not well supported by his tenor either. Rattle coped superbly, unexpectedly, in Berlin last month, instilling a silence in the audience at the end of each part. Inbal is another gifted manager of the bloated counterpoint of the Eighth. As for Jansons, we can’t muster enthusiasm for anything he does!

  • Andrew Powell says:

    The hall in the old photo is today a transport museum, near my home. For the centennial in 2010 Thielemann and the MPhil were unable to dislodge the exhibits and so played in the Gasteig, like Jansons and Co.