Denmark signs a Czech

Jakob Hrusa is the new top man at the Royal Danish Opera. He starts work immediately and assumes the title of music director in September 2013.

A protégé of Jiri Belohlavek, Hrusa has earned his spurs at Glyndebourne as director of the touring opera.

He has just turned 30 and is going places, fast.

The Royal Danish Theatre website does not list a previous music director. The house is mired in a drugs scandal at its ballet company that the present administration has persistently refused to address.

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  • Michael Schonwandt was Music Director there from 2000 until this year. As to the ballet company and drugs – you would be hard-put to find a ballet company anywhere in the western world where some of the dancers weren’t taking drugs. The culture encourages the use of appetite-suppressants…

  • I had the pleasure of attending a Seattle Symphony concert last spring which was guest conducted by Hrusa. I was so impressed by him I came back a second night–he really made the SSO come alive in a way I hadn’t ever heard. He’s definitely one to watch.

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