The private side of Salvatore Licitra

Andrew Balio has sent me pictures from the time he spent with Licitra as assistant conductor to Fabio Mastrangelo during a 2009 production of Aida in Taormina.

Andrew, who is principal trumpet at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, describes Salvatore as ‘a great guy to be around, hilarious….more of a brass player personality. Just really down to earth and funny. ‘

The unnamed girlfriend is the one who rode pillion with Salvatore the night he crashed his Vespa. She wore a helmet and came off unharmed.


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  • It should be mentioned that Mr Licitra seems to have suffered from a brain hemorrhage that preceded and probably led to the accident. His head injury probably compounded an exisitng severe problem. Thus the severity of his injury while his companion was unscathed. I heard him in Tosca at the met 2 years ago I think. Great charisma.

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