Socialist award for Daniel Barenboim

It’s turning into quite a year for the Middle East peacemaker. First he was knighted by the Queen of England, then nominated for a Nobel Prize. Now the German opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) have announced him as the first winner of their Willy Brandt Award.


It’s only 25 grand but the symbolism is huge. Brandt was Berlin’s Mayor when the Wall went up and Germany’s Chancellor in the Cold War 1970s. He lived until 1992, just long enough to see peace break out and the country unified. Let’s hope Barenboim achieves the same. photo photo: DB receiving knighthood in June from the UK ambassador in Berlin

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    • I’m glad Queen Elizabeth is still Queen of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also!

      Apart from all that, I congratulate Daniel Barenboim on the awards and honours he has received. If his peace-making efforts in the Middle East are as successful as his work as a musician, he is a worthy recipient of the honours bestowed on him.

  • Do you mean the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? And the various Commonwealth countries too of course.

  • 25,000 what? Russian ruble? The prize should be a shiny new Trabant, a free Soviet block house apartment in Neukölln complete with Küchenschaben and a lifetime supply of Mocca Fix.

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