Salvatore Licitra – lying in state

Salvatore Licitra – lying in state


norman lebrecht

September 06, 2011

A correspondent in Sicily informs me that the body of Salvatore Licitra, who died yesterday after nine days in a road crash coma, will lie in state for the next two days in the foyer of the Teatro Bellini in Catania, so that people can go and pay their respects.

Licitra had strong ties to the theatre and many local people want to have an opportunity to pay respect and say farewell to an artist many thought might become the next Pavarotti. Licitra was only 43 at his death.

Salvatore Licitra

Local newspapers report that both of his kidneys have been transplanted into waiting patients.


  • A. Druce says:

    My husband died because both his kidneys had failed and he was on dialysis. If it had been possible to have a transplant it would have given him a second chance! I think it is so wonderful that people sign up to giving their organs for transplants. So good can come from a very sad situation for his family.