Muti and Mehta praise tragic Licitra

Muti and Mehta praise tragic Licitra


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2011

Tributes have begun to trickle in for the tenor Salvatore Licitra, who died after a road accident, aged 43.

The conductor Riccardo Muti told Corriere della sera: La notizia della prematura scomparsa di Salvatore Licitra mi lascia costernato. […] Era un artista a cui mi legava una affettuosa amicizia maturata in moltissime collaborazioni in teatro e in disco (I am deeply dismayed by his untimely death. This was an artist with whom I had an affectionate friendship that matured through many collaborations on stage and disc”.

His colleague Zubin Mehta was more fulsome:

“I’m just devastated,” said Mehta. “He was pure pleasure for conductors. He was an excellent singer, an intelligent musician and a wonderful actor on stage. ..  I’m so sorry, I can’t express in words how much it hurts…. (He had) a very beautiful voice and musical intelligence, which comes naturally to him. His pronunciation was similar to that of Pavarotti. I say Pavarotti because beyond everything else, he had an unusual pronunciation of the Italian language. Salvatore had it too, very similarly. He had great dictation, a wonderful sense of music. For me, as a friend and conductor, I feel it’s a very big loss.”