Major tenor gets his mo-jo back (update)

Major tenor gets his mo-jo back (update)


norman lebrecht

September 20, 2011

Licitra is dead. Alagna is back at his usual tricks. The top notes are getting scarcer by the minute.

So here’s the good news: Jonas Kaufmann has recovered from surgery to remove  a chest node and is out and about. He’s been spotted with his wife, Margarethe Joswig, and two of their three children at the Munich Oktoberfest and told a reporter from the Tageszeitung that he’ll be on stage again next month. Phew!

See below which dates he has confirmed on his website.


  • FragendeFrau82 says:

    Really, NOT vocal node surgery but thoracic!

    • The error was caught and corrected much earlier.

      • myyellowlabfan says:

        “Alagna back at his usual tricks??” What is that supposed to mean – My God, you hacks will take opportunity to denigrate what is arguably one of the most beautiful voices of this century… a disagreement between tenor & conductor (and incidentally, please remind me of another time this has happened… Alagna decided to withdraw, but management preferred to replace the conductor. Case closed. The conductor was not letting him BREATHE… I’m sorry, but in a story about Jonas Kaufmann, it is very small minded of you (to say the least) to insert a slam on Roberto Alagna.