Maazel's impresario goes to jail. Hope he got paid.

Maazel's impresario goes to jail. Hope he got paid.


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2011

by our Crime Correspondent

Garth Drabinsky, the dodgy organiser of this summer’s Black Creek festival in Toronto, began a jail sentence today after losing the last of a decade’s worth of appeals against a fraud conviction.

We warned here last month that all was not well at Black Creek and some singers were going without their supper. We also reported that Lorin Maazel was shuttling that weekend between two Beethoven Ninths in Tanglewood and Toronto. One got cancelled by a hurricane. I hope he and the London Symphony Orchestra got paid up-front for the other.



  • Guilherme Fontão says:

    Considering it had been a fair judgment, I can say: happy is the nation where fraudsters are arrested! If corrupt people were duly trapped in Brazil, its jails would be completely full. Circumstantially, musical scenario would be refreshed and, certainly, general life would be considerably better!