John Galliano, found guilty of racist taunts, escapes with paltry fine

Three Paris judges agreed that he had abused people in several incidents with antisemitic taunts.

Galliano, saying he was drunk and drugged, had no recollection.

The judges ruled he needed treatment more than censure. They fined him a piffling six thousand Euros, about half of the prosecution’s demand – much of it, for some reason, suspended.

Galliano did not bother to turn up for sentencing. The only apology he offered was ‘for the sadness this whole affair has caused.’

To himself mostly, is what it sounds like. He has finished drug rehab and is ready for career relaunch.

Justice done, or dodged?

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  • shades of Mel Gibson – funny how when people make unacceptable remarks, it’s always the drugs, booze, stress etc. I’ve never drunk enough (and I was a student in the 80’s, mind) that it made me abuse someone on the basis of their race

  • Galliano has lost his job at both Dior and his own label. Without either financing or a major job offer, it’s difficult to see how he will relaunch. One thing he can’t do is begin again in America. Natalie Portman has seen to that.

    • I read somewhere that he was being given a job by Phillip Green!!!! Is this conceivable? I suppose in this mad mad world it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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