Domingo lays into Bayreuth and Salzburg directors (sort of)

The main man says he ‘has a problem’ with stage directors who go out looking for ‘scandal’. He seems to be aiming at  Sebastian Baumgarten’s Tannhäuser in Bayreuth and Christof Loys Frau ohne Schatten in Salzburg.

Full interview and picture in


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  • Older singers have often commented about directors who direct opera without understanding anything about music and who make the singers position themselves in ways that make singing harder. Personally I am very suspicious about the reasons why movie directors without any operatic experience direct at major opera houses. I hope that Mr. Lebrecht will write about these issues sometime.

  • A man who was part of the deplorable farce known as the three tenors should keep quiet.
    He is “suspicious about the reasons” which may be more honest than the three tenors pretending
    to bring art to the masses when all they did was drag music through the mud while making millions .
    Why doesn’t Domingo just go away ….he is such a bore.

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