Astonishing video of the concert when the lights went out

A member of the Guildford audience filmed what happened after the lights went out in the town’s new concert hall.

The entire venue was affected by the power cut

After completing his concerto with the orchestra in pitch-darkness, Tchaikovsky winner Daniil Trifonov calmly played Chopin.

According to the Surrey Ad it was filmed by “Mark Williams, who runs William’s Newsagents in Onslow Village”. That man’s way ahead of the news.

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  • I was at a guitar recital once when the lights went out in the middle of a Bach gigue. The audience reaction was interesting: half the audience groaned as they were sure this would interrupt the performance. The other half said “shhhh!”

    The performer just carried on, not missing a note…

  • Trifonov is really extraordinary! Jealousy should remain quiet.
    Most of us have heard someone playing unexpectedly in the dark, but not the first movement of the Tchaikovsky #1 nor the Chopin Valse Brillante with such panache!

  • Graeme, I assume that “finishing the concerto” meant that BOTH the soloist and the orchestra had their parts memorized and played without lights. That is extremely unusual. The soloist is one thing — the orchestra quite another.

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