Amy Winehouse death: fresh spate of speculation (update)

Amy Winehouse death: fresh spate of speculation (update)


norman lebrecht

September 12, 2011

Wednesday’s release of a posthumous single, Body and Soul, with Tony Bennett, has triggered another wave of  jabber about the poor girl’s death. Her father Mitch is putting about that she died from ‘detox to excess’.

Tony Bennett is giving interviews about ‘the things I coulda told her’ that might have saved her life.

The scurvy Mail is jabbering on about the size of her estate. Mitch is talking about a drugs foundation.

Joss Stone and Adele want to make a tribute album.

Give the girl a break. Wednesday would have been her 28th birthday. She’s dead. Let It Be.


  • snowbunny39 says:

    totally agree with this article. Let her RIP already!!! Everybody wants to make a quick buck out of this girl, wasn´t it enough how they treated her in life? Everybody´s praising her now, where were these people when she was alive?