News just in: who's replacing Kurt Masur in Brazil?

News just in: who's replacing Kurt Masur in Brazil?


norman lebrecht

August 01, 2011

Which conductor has got the gumption, the courage the sheer chutzpah to step into the shoes of ex-chief Roberto Minczuk’s mentor at the strife-torn OSB?

Money no object,of course. The board will pay the earth to cover its bare butt.

So who has been asked to step in? Here’s the statement that’s just landed:

Maestro Lorin Maazel will conduct ALL 7 (seven) of the Beethoven Festival concerts, replacing the conductors Kurt Masur and Roberto Minczuk. In the current season, the conductor Lorin Maazel also led, in Tokyo, the complete cycle of Beethoven symphonies.

My little dicky-bird tells me that there is an application with Maazel’s name on it at the Ministry of Labour, awaiting apoproval from the Board of Immigration. It is by no means certain that he will be granted a visa. Watch this space.


  • Hello Normam

    Good for you: how could anyone accept this white elephant .. can you actually believe that Maazel is NOT aware of what is going on, in there? Bullocks!
    For all the MONEY in the world…. this move by any so-called musician (including conductors) will be utterly despised and regarded as disgusting by all those who remain sane in a world where money still seems capable of buying one’s soul! At 44 or 856… no excuses!

    As ever, C* Ortiz

  • Fernando Bicudo says:

    The new Artistic Directors of OSB, myself and Pablo Castellar, that have replaced maestro Roberto Minczuk , who remains exclusively as principal conductor, is negotiating the return of ALL musicians that have left the orchestra in this crisis, that we trust is coming to an end. We are fighting for the reintegration of thos 33 (thirty-three) musician, but we are also concerned with the 59 (fifty-nine) musicians that are presently rehearsing in order to present to OSB´s subscribers a great “Beethoven Festival”. Maestro Maazel is going to conduct all the seven concerts, including the presentation of the complete cicle of Beethoven´s Symphonies, plus other his compositions, replacing both maestros Kurt Masur and Roberto Minczuk. You are very welcomed to Brazil, maestro Lorin Maazel!!!

  • Ulysses says:

    “Money no object” and “Maazel” do need to appear in the same sentence to have any sort of credibility.

  • Fernando Bicudo says:

    At this right moment, the musicians are helding a meeting with the member of the Union of the Musicians in Rio de Janeiro, examining the three written proposals that the new Artistic Directors of OSB – the Brazil Symphonic Orchestra have negotiated with their representatives in preparatories encounters. The proposals give options to those who wanted to create a new orchestra by establishing a new orchestral body within OSB that will not be conducted by maestro Roberto Minczuk. Also, the proposal contemplate generous payment for breach of contract to those that want to leave OSB. And also provides a special treatment to the veteran musicians. We trust that this crisis is, finally, coming to an end and that OSB will be back performing, playing great Music under maestro Lorin Maazel!!!

  • Antonio Augusto says:

    The board will pay the earth to cover its bare butt.
    It could not be more exact! But to the dismissed musicians they offer now a call back, with the salaries paid when the FOSB get out from “financial disorder” and an incredible creation of a new orchestra just to the demised ones. Could you believe on it? Shame Mr. Maazel!!!!!

    • Mario Torres says:

      Shame on Antonio Augusto and I hope you did not accept to come back, you are like sand in the carburetor…

      • Antonio Augusto says:

        Thank you, Mario Torres!

        If people like you are blaming me it means that I am a respectable one. To be on your side – and for consequence on the side of people who has no respect for public money, for senior artists, for musicians that have worked so hard to maintain this orchestra, who declares “Holly Wars”, who offend and try to constrain works fighting for their rights -, would the truly shame to me.
        Now, you have betrayed even your own boss sacking your Holly War’ messiahs from the artistic direction. If you cannot sustain your world to each other of yours group how can anyone expect you to sustain the ridiculous pact offered to the demised musicians? You are so permissive that you grassed your messiahs and now are acting like sincere people trying to manipulate de public opinion. You had no bravery to admit your mistake and stand beside him.
        Thus, behind those fakes, trolls, anonymous, and people without faces are the one to be ashamed of. Among those who exploit, deceive and lie with no embarrassment are the ones who will be judge by society and condemn to the implacable forgetfulness.
        Congratulations Mr. Mario Torres (or whatever your real name is) you are among those sad, dark and dishonorable people.

        • Mario Torres says:

          No wonder why you had a heart attack, next could be a stroke

          • Antonio Augusto says:

            Mr. Torres:

            You are an unkind and despicable human been. Maybe we cannot call you a human been. Better say you are a ghastly and disgusting creature. You represent with your words precisely the kind of people we are fighting against. I hope lots and lots of musicians, agents and music lovers read your post so they can really understand what is going on at Rio de Janeiro.
            Mr. Maazel, you are going to support exactly this kind of behavior.
            Unfortunately for you, I am well recovered from the heart attack, and I will not have a stroke as you unkindly wish me.
            In answer, I wish you to have all the happiness and richness, maybe when have it all you may see the world and your fellows ones with better eyes. At this moment all you can express and see is the terrible misery that is inside your heart.
            All my love! Take care! unhappiness kills!

          • Cristina Ortiz says:

            ”Seu” Mário Torres,

            Faça-me o GRANDE FAVOR de continuar a escrever seus ataques em Português: não dessecrando assim a língua de W. Shakespeare!

            Não pense que porque, alguns esforçados em entender ‘algo’ do que o sr está pensando dizer — total perda de tempo, pois são calúnias inconsequentes —- isto vai ter algum impacto nessa ridícula situação!

            Pelo menos deixe de ”assassinar tão belo idioma” por sua falta de conhecimento de tal!

            Mui cordialmente

        • Mario Torres says:

          Do not take poison to kill others, the only one you are going to hurt is you. I think I know why you all accepted to go back to the OSB, you are all in a desperation mode since there is no other place for you to work.

          Let’s make clear that everybody is also aware of all bullying promoted by your gang against all musicians that fully disagreed with you and your rotten actions, lies and defamatory campaigns.

          One thing I have to agree, you guys are experts in fabricate anything just to avoid rules, too bad.

          Looks like the only one interested to conduct and lead your second class group will be Alexandre Henrique Klein and his parties.

  • george brown says:

    Believe me, people all over this planet are watching with great interest to see whether the musicians vote to agree to these proposals today. To me, it seems that while steps in the right direct direction, they still fail to address some very pressing issues, and still look, somewhat, like FOSB butt-covering at the expense of the players that were sacked in a most unprofessional & oligarchic way.

    I can’t help but wonder if, or how many, recent hires now playing in the OSB would have to be released in order to simply re-instate without re-evaluation, all the 33 (at the new full pay rate) who wish to return. And why no mention of a generous payment for the breach of contract required to release those new hires? If the FOSB has managed to tap into sufficient taxpayer money to hire Loren (at HIS rates), plus give pay raises to the orchestra as well as severance pay to those who wish to leave, then this shouldn’t really be a problem. I suppose that solution simply keeps the collective FOSB backside a bit too exposed for comfort.

    And thank you Norman for keeping on top of this issue for us, and on behalf of the OSB musicians. As a predecessor of mine on our own orchestra committee here is fond of saying, the one thing most orchestra board members hate and fear most is the “cleansing light of day.” The same holds true for oligarchs in Rio.

    george brown

  • Sergio says:

    To these musicians who want to bring to light unresolved personal problems with FosB, I am ashamed of you.
    Ms. Ortiz, might be much more productive for you to worry about your concerts and leave the internet for nerds, it sounds pretty pathetic all you say. By the way! Where do you live in Brazil? You know the reality of FosB? Where does all this anger? Maybe you should take a management position here in Brazil and see how the system really is inside.
    But I think, practice a more pleasurable experience for you!
    Maazel Bravo! Bicudo Bravo!

  • Cristina Ortiz says:

    Qual é seu problema Sérgio?!

    Amigo do pessoal da Fosb .. ou faz parte dela?

  • george brown says:

    Under what rock has he been hiding?

  • Aurora Neiva says:

    Cristina Ortiz is our pride and joy, Sergio, whoever you may be! Her brave stance early on in this whole ordeal against Minczuk’s ridiculous plan will never be forgotten by those who really enjoy classical music. Her actions were not limited to writing on the internet. She came to Rio at her own expense, played magnificently while conducting the orchestra formed by the musicians who were fired from the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and their friends in one of the most beautiful and touching moments we have ever experienced in our Marvellous City of Rio de Janeiro. Thank you, Cristina, for being there for us!

  • george brown says:

    What was it I just said earlier today about that ‘cleansing light of day’? The prosecution rests.

    And I could not agree with you more, Christina & Aurora.

  • claudio mahle says:

    Mr. Sergio, may me old and tired man explain you a thing: This site should ( OK, I don’t know Mr. Lebrecht personally, but having read two of his books and some of his reports I’m so arrogant to guess… ) be about a “thing” humans agreed to call “MUSIC”. This fact makes your question to Mrs. Ortiz not only stupid (as everyone here has taken notice) but also indecent and nearby obscene. But since I humbly represent a certain tradition you don’t need to know about, I will try to explain ( I think nowadays people say “make’t easy to get”) it to you: I have listened to Mrs. Ortiz play, unfortunately only one time and a long time ago, but it did make a profound impression in my mind and since them I can’t forget it. So she “lives” in Brazil everytime I’m there and I hope people living constantly in Brazil who think like me exist, have listened to her and … feel the same! So I would guess again that Mrs. Ortiz lives in a Brazil that’s bigger than some people can understand, people like … you? Who knows…

  • Sergio says:

    Nº Processo: 46094.025482/2011-71 Situação Atual: DEFERIDO
    Amparo Legal: RN 69 – Resolução Normativa, de 22/03/2006
    Prazo: 30Dia(s)
    Cadastro Protocolo: 29/07/2011 Cadastro Imigração: 01/08/2011

    CNAE: 9001902 -Produção musical
    EstrangeirosLista de Estrangeiros
    Estrangeiros Cancelados: 0

    Nome do Estrangeiro Passaporte País Consulado Situação


    What’s hapning with the labour min. LUPI? Is he also crazy? Maybe he was in “MARTE” and now is back to the earth!

  • Sergio says:

    ROBERTA PENNAFORT – Agência Estado
    Depois de sete meses de impasses, a crise que calou a Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira parece estar perto do fim: reunidos numa assembleia realizada no Sindicato dos Músicos do Rio hoje de manhã, os músicos demitidos em março decidiram aceitar a reintegração a seus postos de trabalho, oferecida pela nova direção artística há uma semana.

    Mas eles impõem várias condições, sendo a principal – que já constava da proposta da OSB – a garantia de que não vão mais ser regidos pelo maestro Roberto Minczuk, titular da orquestra há seis anos. Eles optaram por concordar com sua inserção numa outra orquestra dentro da Fundação OSB, menor, para execução de música de câmara. A contraproposta foi enviada para o Ministério do Trabalho, que está intermediando as negociações. As informações foram divulgadas há pouco pela presidente do sindicato, Deborah Cheyne.

    A contraproposta foi aprovada por 19 votos a três. Se ela for acatada pela direção artística, os músicos saem vencedores na queda de braço com a FOSB por duas razões principais: não tocarão mais com Minczuk, com quem mantêm relação delicada há pelo menos três anos, e não precisarão se submeter às avaliações de desempenho que motivaram a crise.

    A OSB não toca desde dezembro de 2010. Os concertos de 2011 começam dia 10, segundo a programação oficial. Não se sabe se contarão com os novos instrumentistas integrados nas audições recentes, já que doze deles, estrangeiros, ainda não conseguiram vistos de trabalho. O problema levou a direção a lançar mão de músicos contratados como temporários.

  • Sergio says:

    Tradução do português para inglês
    ROBERTA Pennafort – State Agency
    After seven months of impasse, the crisis that stopped the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra appears near the end, gathered at a meeting held at the Musicians’ Union of Rio this morning, the musicians laid off in March decided to accept reinstatement to their jobs, offered by the new artistic direction for a week.

    But they impose various conditions, and the main – once as proposed by the OSB – ensuring they would no longer be governed by the conductor Roberto Minczuk, head of the orchestra for six years. They chose to agree to their inclusion in another orchestra in the OSB Foundation, minor to perform chamber music. The counter was sent to the Ministry of Labour, which is brokering the negotiations. The information was disclosed earlier by union president Deborah Cheyne.

    The counter was approved by 19 votes to three. If she is honored by the artistic direction, the musicians come out winners in the arm wrestle with the FosB for two main reasons: will not play more with Minczuk, with whom they have delicate relationship for at least three years and not have to undergo performance evaluations that led to the crisis.

  • Ubiratã Rodrigues says:

    No one will be super-mega welcomed to step in to help the foundation burying their original musicians – those who were unfairly sacked from the orchestra. It doesn’t matter if he/she is Brazilian or not, young or not so young, black or white…
    This important institution should redraw carefully a serious plan based on trust, respect and loyalty to get back the support of thousands of musicians and the public.
    I understand that they are trying to cheat the world with the names of renowned maestros pretending that everything is resolved.
    They know what to do… it is quite simple!! So do it!!
    Looks like they want, however, just destroying the orchestra!!

    • Mario Torres says:

      Hey Bira, why you do not simply go back to POA and wear your bombacha?

      • Ubiratã Rodrigues says:

        Uaaau !!
        I am afraid my post has been very successful!! Thank you!!
        You are in despair because you have nothing to say to me but this nonsense!!
        I feel bad for you because you can’t organize your ideas inside your skull.
        I can always wear my bombachas anywhere I go and I can stand anytime and say my name up loud and proud – no fear at all.
        I have nothing to hide, “my firend”.

  • Luciano de Castro says:

    Mr. Sergio Doe, you are distorting the facts. Mr. Maazel is coming to Brazil on a temporary working VISA. Very different situation from the 12 foreign musicians to whom Mr. LUPI has denied the permanent working VISAS. Our Minister of Labour, Mr. LUPI, is DENYING the VISAS not from Mars but right here from Brasil, South America, THE EARTH! So far, nothing assures that Mr. Maazel will suceed in taking the stage to conduct anything… let us wait and see how things will unfold until the first day of these concerts he has been hired to conduct.

  • Ademir dos Anjos says:

    There is a very clear symptom that those aleged negotiations will not lead to a happy ending: the revival of all the Sergios and Marios and Jenas, here in this blog. Those fake names undercover people clearly compromised with FOSB, almost certainly employees and relatives. At judging the way in wich those people behave, one should wonder if the best scenario wouldn’t be another booing at Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, the best acoustics for audience manifestations in the world. If I was Maazel, I will not step into my brazilian jet without some fear in my heart…

    • Mario Torres says:

      Well, if you were Maazel but in this Case you are not, in the best scenario Ms. Ortiz can conduct you as she did in the past, maybe that’s the best you can get.

      • harold emert says:

        Mario,whoever you are in real life, take off your mask and come out fighting !Your insults are totally unwelcome,not necessary and show a lack of respect and education. I attended the wonderful concert Ms. Ortiz performed AND conducted(Bethoven piano concerto) at Rio’s Music School of the Federal University, and believe she could do just as good if not better job as Maazel at the helm of a symphony orchestra for a series of concerts. May I remind you that many other great conductors started as star pianists.The SOSB and OSB musicians deserve such a fine musician leading them and not a tyrant. Egypt’s dictator, among others has fallen, and it is only a matter of time for Maestro Minzcuk’s time to be up and him to receive his walking papers.
        Respectfully despite your unkind words,

        Harold(real name) Emert
        Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

        • Mario Torres says:

          Mario Torres is my real name, what make you think and say that my name is fake? What do you want my ID #? Are you a CIA agent in Rio? get real Harold, anyone can comment here even those that do not agree with you.

          You have posted so many ugly and defamatory things against Minczuk and the FOSB, the same way you think he is incompetent I think Ortiz you and others are, including you. You are the one here to feel ashamed of your ridiculous posting allover the place begging people to boycott Minczuk.

          Good for you if you think everybody is useless and use fake names. Haroldo ( that should your name in Portuguese) you are a joke of a large scale.

          • harold emert says:

            Aha …I have discovered by your misue of the English language that you Mario Torres are NOT a native English speaker.We will soon discover whom you really are…the musical world in Rio and Brazil is a village.Good luck in continuing to hide ….saying such vile things as”You should have had a stroke instead of a heart attack” sounds familiar to someone like myself who grew up in New York. I believe you spent some of your life there.


    • Claire says:

      Someone will film the brazilian musicians and their relatives booing Mr. Maazel. Do it! Please do! So everyone will know what kind of wild person are you.
      Cristina Ortiz is even pathetic. Being the only “great artist” with time and energy to expend with this blog and cause.
      Around the brazil people have talked about the madness and fury of that group of unemployed.
      Christina, if one day you disagree with them, you know the consequences. Be afraid! Support them! Or you will feel the same hate in your skin. The same hate that you’re giving support.
      Its obvious – they are fighting for the shutdown of the Foundation.

  • Oh my word! When is my country going to change this slapdash and wiggle-waggle mentality. I personally agree with Cristina Ortiz and find it hard to believe that Lorin Maazel would step in the midst of such chaos. At least one thing positive is coming out from the whole mess, which is the re-employment of all musicians involved in this awful predicament. However, if Maestro Maazel really does a Beethoven cycle with OSB, great thing for everyone involved! But I still find it hard to believe. Many congratulations Antonio Augusto! It seems that the scale is finally beginning to tip towards justice.

  • Sergio says:

    Indeed! Only those who can screw up with the work of others you are!
    So you guys are dabblers also in politics!


    P.S! Bravo Torres

    • Excuse me! Would you please have a little more decency in the way you put your opinions forward. Political scandals begin with various forms of wrongdoing by public officials. Money is often at the center of scandals in which politicians exploit their public office for private gain and favour. It often involves abuse of government power that jeopardize people’s rights. The OSB scandal became known internationally, and everyone witnessed the wrong doing which was triggered off by Roberto Minczuk and supported by “politicians” like yourself. The outcome of this chaos reflects the aptitude of those politicians involved and not of those musicians who had their lives damaged by greed and incompetence, therefore that makes you, politicians, the amateurs in this whole affair.

    • claudio mahle says:

      And what great work have the “others” done so far, “Sergio”? Please not links of concerts by Maazel, but some REAL great (and Cristina Ortiz-like, maybe) unforgetable performances by your so beloved conductor or some reports about brillant management by members of the FOSB board in the free market economy? I’m VERY curious (and ready to lol …)

    • harold emert says:

      your native language sergio obviously is not english and we will soon discover who YOU are!

    • Cristina Ortiz says:

      “Seu ” Sérgio..

      Outro, que como o M.Torres (ou talvez sejam a mesma pessoa?!) continua teimando em assassinar a língua Inglêsa! Favor reverter ao seu tipo de Português.

      Mui cordialmente

      Please stop murdering Shakespeare’s sacred English language and stick to your native bla-blah, thanks.
      Most cordially

  • george brown says:

    Bravo Christina!

    If this mud slinging dialogue indicates anything, it’s that old, entrenched and oligarchic behavior patterns die HARD. On the other hand, I guess shouldn’t talk. Gringolandia is morphing into a Banana Republic as I write this.

    george brown
    utah symphony

  • Renato Schmidt says:

    Assim como os ditadores árabes tiveram a sua primavera, a FOSB tem a sua.

    Com a nomeação dos novos diretores artísticos, a FOSB tenta se recuperar de um erro que foi o envolvimento muito rápido do Presidente do Conselho nas operações da orquestra durante a crise e nos momentos antecedentes que a anunciavam. Estranha falta de visão e de cultura básica de administração ao alcance de quem conhece boas práticas sugeridas no ambiente da Liga das Orquestras Americanas, especialmente em se tratando de executivos que ocuparam tão altos cargos.

    Houve, como vimos, um erro do board e a situação chegou aonde chegou devido a um comportamento conjunto do Board com o então diretor artístico, Minczuk, e agora o maestro Minczuk está sendo aos poucos cristianizado, com o board procurando se preservar, e esquecer que a sua participação fez com que uma situação de, por assim dizer, baixa radioatividade chegasse a níveis de acidente radioativo. Difícil separar criador e criatura no momento da gestação da crise na OSB, mesmo que não se tenha inteligência de físico quântico.

    Tal crise poderia ter sido evitada caso o Board houvesse se comportado de maneira diferente. Imagino que um futuro possível é o de que o Board irá reduzir ainda mais as ações do maestro Minczuk na orquestra, mas honrando o aspecto financeiro da continuidade de seu contrato.

    A questionar se a situação em que se somam novos diretores artísticos ao ex diretor e atual maestro Minczuk estará sendo mais onerosa para a OSB, sob o aspecto value for money. E se o board não deveria responder sobre isso, ou até efetuar uma transição de continuidade, considerando até mesmo apresentar a sua renúncia, a bem da pacificação da OSB.

    Acredito que isto não acontecerá, pois, em tese novamente, as novas nomeações para a diretoria artística indicam um comportamento por parte do board, que a FOSB com isto, estará, também, tentando aumentar a sua base política. Veja que Fernando Bicudo, enquanto diretor de teatro no Maranhão fez parte da equipe da governadora de Roseana Sarney, filha de José Sarney, senador, uma vez Presidente do Brasil, e ainda, escritor da Academia Brasileira de Letras.

    Cultura e Política estão de mãos dadas
    O partido político PSDB, tem posições na OSESP, onde dentre outros, tem lugar no Conselho o Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Veja-se que a trajetória de tal orquestra tem sido ascendente e de sucesso, inclusive no manejo de pré-crises. Não que não tenham existido vítimas entre os músicos, até mesmo por razões extra-musicais.

    Já na FOSB, estaria o PSDB nos cargos máximos do Conselho? Com Eleazar de Carvalho Filho, temos um ex presidente do Banco BNDES, cuja nomeação política se deu durante o governo FHC, e com David Zylbersztajn, ex presidente da Agência Nacional de Petróleo, o qual, conforme a Wikipedia “ liderou a quebra do monopólio da Petrobras exploração do petróleo no Brasil, realizando o primeiro leilão de áreas de exploração aberto à iniciativa privada, nos dias 15 e 16 de junho de 1999” . … “Sua separação da esposa Ana Beatriz Cardoso, filha do ex-presidente FHC, em maio de 2001, antecipou sua saída da chefia da ANP”.

    A OSB é um bem material e imaterial muito precioso e oxalá nunca , remotamente, possa se pensar que venha a ser empregada como um instrumento de poder ou fogueira de vaidades. Ela é um instrumento precioso de cultura e de exercício de cidadania, como tem sido demonstrado, e desejo a ela o melhor dos futuros. Para tanto, pelos recentes acontecimentos, será necessário uma fixação de atribuições claras para FOSB e OSB, além da busca do entendimento responsável e da transparência administrativa, sob pena de, pelo não, ser necessário criarem-se, ou ativarem-se, controles externos a ela, políticos, artístico-culturais, administrativos e financeiros, inclusive com uma ação efetiva da Curadoria de Fundações do Ministério Público.

    Renato Schmidt, 9 anos tocando sob Eleazar de Carvalho na OSESP, e 2 sob Neschling na Jovem OSESP, entre 1979 e 1989.

    Sine ira ac studio

  • Gennady Kupperheimer says:

    It looks like nobody missed Nelson Freire or even Cristina Ortiz, take a look at this video: