A shot of good news for classical CDs

A shot of good news for classical CDs


norman lebrecht

August 25, 2011

Nielsen Soundscan reports that classical music sales in the US had the biggest rise of any genre in the first half of 2011. Classical is up 13 percent year on year.

Much of the increase is coming, apparently, from small labels. Here’s Variety’s take. I’ll try to find more details.


  • Brian says:

    Maybe we are becoming more civilized on this side of the pond…..however, I’m not holding my breath. It is obvious, however, that a large reason for this increase is the proliferation of independent labels by some of our leading orchestras–people like to support the “home team,” even off the diamond or the gridiron.

  • Laurence Glavin says:

    One sentence that stood out in this article: that ArchivMusic is making catalogs of classical recordings available and is owned by Steinway Musical Instruments. Steinway stock is traded on the NY Stock Exchange under the symbol “LVB”. Yes: Beethoven’s initials. Love it.