Anish Kapoor designs mobile concert hall for Japan quake region

Anish Kapoor designs mobile concert hall for Japan quake region


norman lebrecht

August 11, 2011

The British artist is working with Japanese architect Arata Isozaki Star on a project titled Ark-Nova, a transportable concert hall for the devastated areas in which top artists can perform. The project was initiated by the Lucerne Festival and the Japanese classical agency, Kajimoto. It sounds like a tremendous idea, universally applicable. I can’t wait to see and hear the finished product.

Here’s a work-in-progress pic from the Ark-Nova website. The press release appears (with video) below.


The Project

With a bow in hand, board to a vessel,
An arrival of a stranger,
Revived one’s livelihood.
??????????? From a Japanese Folklore


??????? ???/Azusa-yumi ?bow ??instrument
?????? ???/Utu-hune ?vessel ??ARK
?????? ???/Marebito ?stranger ??Music festival
?????? ???/Murabito ?people ??Tohoku-area


Using music to bring hope and promise to those who are suffering from the tragic major earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011: this is the idea and goal of the ARK NOVA project initiated by LUCERNE FESTIVAL and Kajimoto Music. Under the direction of Arata Isozaki, one of the world’s most sought-after architects, a mobile concert hall is being built, one that can be transported to various locations in the devastated region. The multi-component design includes a hall with seating for between 500 to 700 spectators. The inflatable shell is made of an elastic material that allows quick erection and dismantling. Isozaki is working on this project in close collaboration with the Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor, who is responsible for the design of the building’s shell. Yasuhisa Toyota from Nagata Acoustics is responsible for the hall’s acoustic design, and David Staples from Theatre Projects in London is acting as the specialist theatre consultant.

The hall will provide an absolutely unique platform for performances and appearances encompassing classical music, jazz, dance, multimedia and interdisciplinary artistic projects by leading artists and ensembles from around the world. An artistic committee with renowned personalities associated with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL will support the program planning. The performances are intended to be supported by sponsors and supporters in order to provide the population of the region with free access to the programs being presented. This impressive hall should not only serve as a platform for performances but also as a place to meet, find creative inspiration and thus make a lasting contribution towards returning normalcy to the region. The project is kindly supported by UBS.

ARK NOVA – Animation