Is this the Wayne Rooney of classical music?

Is this the Wayne Rooney of classical music?


norman lebrecht

July 14, 2011

I came across this picture on a classical website and did a double-take.

Surely this cannot be a publicity photo of one of the fastest rising conductors on the circuit? And what’s the dedicated Marco Borggreve doing snapping footballers, quick as they might be with a score? He’s a classical portraitist.

Actually, it wasn’t this picture. It’s the one below.

Conductor François-Xavier Roth talks Saint-Saëns (photo: Marco Borggreve)

His name’s Fracois-Xavier-Roth, and he’s chief conductor in Liege and Baden-Baden (radio). But isn’t this how Wayne Rooney will look when he’s 40?


  • Andrew Haveron says:

    Not a good photo of FXR. In the flesh he looks much more like Gordon Ramsay!