Harpist leads new blast against Dutch government cuts

Harpist leads new blast against Dutch government cuts


norman lebrecht

July 03, 2011

The Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León in Valladolid has joined the international campaign against the demolition of Dutch arts cuts.

It’s the 11th orchestra to do so, and the first to find a woman, Marianne ten Voorde, as its principal spokesman. Conductor Alejandro Posada speaks from the heart, in Spanish.

Let’s hear Soldier of Orange from Valladolid!

(Marianne’s the one on the right)


  • Kapell says:

    A Dutch friend observes :

    ” For more than 20 years schools are producing on an annual basis hundreds of artists of no or little talent for whom there is no employment, unless created by the state. Political parties, in particular on the left side, didn’t want to intervene. Now the government has to. Artists cannot be spared when everyone else has to make sacrifices.”

  • Klaus Martin says:

    And artists should not be expected to make sacrifices that professionals in any other field would not. If the proposed Dutch cuts affected the same number of workers in any other profession in the same abrupt & ruthless manner they would not be tolerated.

    Every country is experiencing effects of the economic crisis. We need humane, logical solutions. Forcing an army of highly trained orchestral musicians into unemployment is not a great plan.

    Interesting to note that this Soldier of Orange protest is being championed by Dutch musicians working in orchestras outside of Holland, in jobs very clearly NOT created by the Dutch government, or any government in some cases. So much for your friend’s theory, Kapell. . .