Beware the bogus Facebook agent

Beware the bogus Facebook agent


norman lebrecht

July 14, 2011

Reports reach me of a predatory facebook friend who pretends to be a classical music agent and promises a career to young innocents.

This person scours the pages of well-known music people, looking for potential prey in their friends list. Any young artist who accepts this tainted friendship offer is granted a showcase on the ‘agent’s’ website – after agreeing to pay 300 Euros a month and a 25% fee on all future commissions.

Some of the pictures and cvs on the website are advertised there without authorisation, or connection to the proprietor. At least one legal action is pending – as a result of which I had better not name the alleged offender for the time being, although I have details on file.

All I can do is to warn young artists not to enter into any agent relationship online, least of all on Facebook.

And any so-called agent who asks you for a monthly fee ought to be avoided, in any case, like a blood-sucking leech.



  • You should go to her website (as I’ve done just now). An analysis of one of her books contains this classic line:

    Reader Advisory: This book contains a sexy, voyeuristic bondage scene in which Flint generously demonstrates his sizzling skills for the benefit of another cyborg.

  • There are plenty of this so-called agents, and not only on Facebook. I receive at least one of these proposal every month by email. Very good thing to speak about it : some people I follow signed these kind of foolish contracts, result was a big loss of money and no concert of course…