Author signs 75-book deal

Laugh? Cry? What do you do when a publisher says he/she wants to sign your next 75 books?

Sit down and write them, I guess. Pretend you’re Enid Blyton. Or jump off a cliff. Or ask why 75, it is a mystic number?

Anyway, her name, dear readers, is Laurann Dohner (no, me neither).

Tell me if you can tell one title of hers from the next. More here (thanks, Hephzi).  
Try not to despair.

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  • You should go to her website (as I’ve done just now). An analysis of one of her books contains this classic line:

    Reader Advisory: This book contains a sexy, voyeuristic bondage scene in which Flint generously demonstrates his sizzling skills for the benefit of another cyborg.

  • >