As one composer to another – a radio documentary

As one composer to another – a radio documentary


norman lebrecht

July 21, 2011

The composer Joseph Horowitz is not as widely played as he ought to be.

Aside from one of the best string quartets of the past half century – his fifth (1969) – he has written a delightful Alice in Wonderland ballet and scored some of the most memorable television themes of recent times, including Rumpole of the Bailey. You see? Once heard, never forgotten.

The composer Debbie Wiseman, herself an accomplished television and film (Tom and Viv) composer, will tell the world about Joe in a BBC Radio 4 documentary next Tuesday (July 26th). You’d hardly know about it from the Radio 4 publicity office, so I’m giving it a little boost here. Both Joe and Debbie are exceptionally accomplished composers. Versatile, too.

Debbie has a new CD out, by the way. I shall be listening. So should you.



  • Miriam Forbes says:

    His ‘Jubilee Toy Symphony’ always went down a storm when we played it at university concerts in my youth.. and I was brought up on the ‘Horrortorio’ (and his other Hoffnung stuff..) Sadly under-rated and under-recognised. Looking forward to the programme!