A good news story – from the heart of the Norway horror

A colleague in Oslo reports:

VG, the country’s largest tabloid, is situated across from the government buildings. It had a glass front, a mall inside, and then another glass front around the actual offices and a glass roof. The blast broke every single window pane, and the glass roof fell in.

Amazingly, there was no one at the time in the mall.

But the newspaper was paralysed, its offices inaccessible. What to do? The editor leased six suites at the nearby top-class Hotel Bristol. “We had our personal computers but lacked the big data that could process and send stories to the printing plant – so we bought one!”

They put out a complete paper yesterday.

That’s proper journalism, the real thing.

VG Nett-logo

Here‘s the link.

MARERITT: Thorbjørn Vereide (i grønt) opplevde marerittet. Nå er han på Sundvollen med de andre pårørende. Foto: Sara Johannesen, VG.

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