Two Americans in the Tchaikovsky violin finals, two Russians on piano and three Koreans

Here are the last five in each category:

violin: Armstrong (US), Jehye Lee (S Korea), Dogadin (Russia), Silberger (US), Zorman (Israel)

piano: Chernov (Ru), Cho (S. Korea), Romanovsky (Ukr), Son (S Korea) and Trifanov (Ru).

Fancy a bet on more than one Korean winning gold?

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  • Pity. Gromov and Kopachevskiy should have replaced Cho and Chernov. Son in only on the strength of her Mozart concerto, and then lucky as Tretyakova was more interesting.

  • No one is in a better position to judge the relative merits of the competitors than the jurors. I don’t know if Kapell has been there in the hall, but if not his preferences can be based only on either second-hand information or the imperfect sound that comes over the internet.

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