Tchaikovsky judge quits, exhausted

Tchaikovsky judge quits, exhausted


norman lebrecht

June 21, 2011

Nelson Freire, the great Brazilian pianist, has quit after the first round. Told his colleagues he was exhausted. The emotional temperature in Moscow in rising all the time.

Van Cliburn has arrived, to a pop star reception. One of the piano competitors is in hospital after a stage outburst. A much-fancied cellist, Sweden’s Jakob Karanyi, has pulled out with a hurt finger. Whatever next?

Wimbledon tennis looks tame by comparison.


  • Doug says:

    Brazilian pianist, you say? Aha! Minczuk is behind it all!

  • Miroslaw Giorgiev says:

    Definitely he doing that to protest against Minczuk, since Minczuk has a strong Slavic background he thought Moscow is the right place to do that. Yeah, Minczuk is behind all that emotional thing even in the old Russia….