News just in: London orchestra gets new home

The old dog-fight is on again, with London’s four orchestras scrabbling for pole position at new performing spaces.

There’s a 1,200-seater opening in Canterbury in October. It’s called The New Marlowe and it has cost £26.5 million. I suppose the Archbishop thinks it should all be spent on the poor, but there you go.

So which orchestra has won the residency? They’re announcing it on June 27. For the answer see below.

Final score from Canterbury: Philharmonia 1, The Rest 0. The RPO missed a penalty in extra time

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  • I am always happy to learn that an orchestra has a home. Besides providing a place for better rehearsals and performances, it provides the public with a new concert hall! Good for everyone!

  • This HAS to be good news for music, particularly in the light of the endless struggle for survival that British orchestras face. God bless the Archbishop of Canterbury!

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