Is London now leading the opera world?

Is London now leading the opera world?


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2011

By some freak of newspaper planning  – most of them are so behind the times – I seem to be the first in print tonight with a commentary on the world premiere of Nico Muhly’s Two Boys at English National Opera. I saw the dress rehearsal on Wednesday, it opening on Froday night and none of the Saturday papers saw fit to clear space this morning for a major arts breakthrough.

That’s how my (occasional) column gets there first in tonight’s Sunday Telegraph.

There can be no doubt in any viewer’s mind that Two Boys is a first in many ways – the first opera to deal with parallel realities on the internet; the first to discuss paedophile sex; the first, as Anne Midgette has just blogged on the Washington Post site, operatic police procedural. Go see for yourselves. It will come to the Met in 2013.

But breakthroughs never come singly and the context of this production is as important as its content. Read on here.

Shock of the new: Nico Muhly, composer of the striking new opera 'Two Boys'


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  • Rob Haskins says:

    But what does the music sound like?