Guess who’s got them screaming at Abbey Road today (update)

Guess who’s got them screaming at Abbey Road today (update)


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2011

I passed the studios at 11 this morning and there were a few hundred fans outside. When returned a five there were well over 1,000, mostly teenaged girls, cameras at the ready and shrieking at the first sign of anyone emerging from the entrace.

‘Who’s in?’ I asked.

‘Shinee,’ said a helpful girl.

‘Shiny who?’

Biggest boy band in Korea, apparently.

Back at my desk I can hear the shrieking half a mile away.


A SHINee (correct spelling) fan site has asked me to use a more recent picture of the group. Here goes:


  • Ely says:

    Wow, it seems that fans were really dedicated, right? Those fans weren’t allowed in because access to it was previously determined through a Japanese mobile contest. SHINee was in Abbey Road Studios to celebrate their official debut in Japan, to be held on June 22nd.

    Thank you for taking even the slightest interest in them!

  • takjelas says:

    you should listen to their songs!
    they are amazing! ^^

  • Nomi says:

    Thank you for posting this!

    SHINee is the first Asian artist to ever perform at Abbey Roads, so it was definitely a big deal. Plus this is the first time any Korean group has performed in England, so the fans were so thrilled to just get a glimpse of the group. Amazing group, really!

  • Nomi says:

    Oh actually a most recent picture of them is this:

    It’s from their rehearsal at Abbey Roads Studios from the 19th! And the name is actually “SHINee”
    Really happy you even took the least interest in them 🙂

  • Roxy Yui says:

    Ahhh I thought there are some comments about their music oh well.. never mind! At least you take time to write something about them ^^~

    SHINee, a boy band from Korea consist Lee Jinki aka Onew (Leader, lead singer, backing-vocal), Kim Jonghyun aka Jonghyun (Lead singer, backing-vocal), Kim Kibum aka Key (Rapper, backing-vocal), Choi Minho aka Minho (Rapper, backing-vocal) and Lee Taemin aka Taemin (lead singer, backing-vocal). They debuted in the year 2008 and their first single was “Replay”.

    For SHINee’s fans they call themselves “SHINee World” aka “SHAWOL”

    I don’t know what else I should write more lol. So I should stop there hehe.


  • Anon says:

    Well not the ‘biggest boy band in Korea”. But still famous nonetheless.

    • 10VE says:

      I’m sure that you probably have very little interest in kpop, but to make a slight correction to your blog entry, SHINee isn’t the biggest boy band in Korea. Not even close, in fact. Other boy bands, such as TVXQ, Big Bang and Super Junior have a much, much larger fan base in both Korea and other Asian countries. SHINee does have a very dedicated, young fan base, however, which is understandable as the average age of SHINee members is 19-20. I suppose they are the Korean equivalent of Justin Bieber in that aspect.

  • Fortune says:

    On behalf of us Shawols (name of SHINee’s fanclub) we would like to thank you for posting this. They are truly amazing boys and we hope more people get to know them and fall in love with them like we have. Yesterday made history for our boys as the first asian artists to perform in the Abbey and we are soo proud of them and how far they have come.

    Hopefully, you will check out their music in your spare time and like them too 😀

  • Nikki says:

    I’m from Malaysia and am a huge SHINee fan!
    Thanks for writing about them, eventhough its so short and doesn’t say much but it means alot to us, fans.
    Do take more interest in them because they are amazing enough to be the first Asian artist to perform in the legendary Abbey Road Studio!

    You will definitely be seeing more of them soon. =)

  • n says:

    from arabian shawol
    ( shawol by the way is the name of their fans )
    congratulation SHINee

  • Nini says:

    This is becoming serious. Thank you sir, for taking the time of posting this!
    Seems like it was a pretty big deal, I am so happy!
    Thank you so much again, sir! ♥

  • benedictaa says:

    it’s SHINee,sir not shinEE,lol
    a five good looking boys yet talented from korea 😉

  • Key says:

    well not basically in Korea but they have a much larger fanbase outside their country…
    I think they’re the hottest boygroup out there today~

  • Julylove says:

    It’s SHINee, 5 good looking boys:
    Leader Onew, Bling Bling Jonghyun
    Almighty Key, Flaming Charisma Minho, Maknae Taemin
    I love them so much. I’m a Shawol, it’s wonderful for me!
    Thanks for writing about them!

  • peruvian says:

    to me SHINEE is the Biggest boy band in Korea

  • tj says:

    SHINee u rock ppl ur music,ur dance an ur looks..!!!!!!!
    plzz visit us in south india too……

  • B says:

    Thanks Sir for writing about SHINee in your blog 🙂 that’s mean a lot for us, SHAWOL 🙂

  • Thank you for posting about Shinee in your blog. It’s very kind of you to update a photo per fan’s request. I will check out your other articles.