So who is the lady in the Glyndebourne lake?

So who is the lady in the Glyndebourne lake?


norman lebrecht

May 13, 2011

Bookmakers across Sussex are taking bets on the identity of the charming young lady on the left in Grayson Perry’s festival cover.

Since superinjunctions are being sought by several eminent singers of the recent past, some of whom should feel seriously flattered by the representation, the best we can do is narrow down the search to one of the following categories (complete with current odds).

Who is she?

1 A member of the Glyndebourne household, 5/1

2 A member of the household cavalry, 11/2

3 A member of the marketing department, (hot tip, 8/1)

4 One of Gareth Malone’s work experience singers, 12/1

5 The next Donna Anna, 16/1

6 One of the cleaning staff, 25/1

7 Susan Boyle, 33/1

8 A member of the audience, 100/1