Rebel concert in Rio: first report

Rebel concert in Rio: first report


norman lebrecht

May 01, 2011

Here’s an account of the concert given by the sacked musicians of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, reported by retired oboist, Harold Emert:

Forget the wedding of the century Friday in London!Those of us who were lucky enough to pack the acoustically-perfect auditorium of Rio’s School of Music on Saturday evening heard the DOSB (Sacked OSB members–or almost half the orchestra) perform the concert of the century including: Carlos Gomes(Verdi’s Brazilian disciple) Alvorada overture,Villa Lobos “Bachianas Brasileiras no. 4,” and with Cristina Ortiz, conducting from the piano and so ably interpreting the Beethoven 4th Concerto.Osvaldo Colarusso, of Sao Paulo, was kind and brave enough to lead the finest orchestra this listener-oboist has heard in Brazil.

These young musicians surpass we oldtimers, who have perfomed these same works on tour with the OSB in Europe and the USA in the 1970s with Maestro Isaac Karabtchevsky. Everyone –or almost everyone connected to the music world in Rio including many capable Maestros,we “veterans” of the OSB, composers, students and music lovers– was present with enthusiastic bravos at this historic Manifesto-Concerto ,which appropriately began with the Brazilian National Anthem,again played marvelously.Black shirts read SOSOSB were worn by the orchestra,solo pianists and audience members,including your observer.

As far as I could see and hear,only one person-myself– screamed “Fora Minzcuk”(Out Minzcuk,current Maestro and Kadaffi ofthe OSB) – al
though getting rid of a musical tyrant who is haunting Rio’s musical life was what the concert was all about.  Anyone who would dismiss a wonderful orchestra like the one we heard Saturday evening should have his head examined or be sent to the local mental institution for rehabilitation!

Hopefully this is a new beginning for the sacked musicians ….

And here’s the news report from O Globo.

Concerto-manifesto dos músicos demitidos da OSB na Escola de Música da UFRJ (Foto: Camilla Maia / Agência O Globo)


  • ole bohn says:

    I cannot find words. This must have been the most beautiful concert in Rio in a long time. Very important, because it shows that so many people demonstrate their disgust of a conductor, Roberto Minczuk, who is destroying musicians’ lives and creating a horrible musical milieu in Brazil. But, fortunately , he is not strong enough. Justice is stronger and will in the end win. Bravo to all involved in the concert. I wish I could have been there.

  • Rob Weir says:

    I could not agree more with Ole Bohn! The impression I am left with, and that will be the enduring one for me, is the pure fact that the clear “winner” in all of this is the music. No matter the strife, ill intentions, the selfishness, or the short-sighted behavior of a conductor and his board at the FOSB, music was still played and by the very musicians whose silence was sought. The players, through their talents, proved that they have adhered to the most simple of missions – to bring music into the lives of their listeners. My personal ovation is for Ms. Ortiz and for the gifted members of the “real” Symphony Orchestra of Brazil. Bravo!
    Rob Weir
    The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

  • Ubiratã Rodrigues says:

    Before that “Mr.” Minczuk asks if he can conduct the SOSosb here goes the answer: NO. NO WAY. NEVER!!!
    And tell “Mr.” Masur that the answer is the same for him.

  • Singer in Rio says:

    Here you all can judge by yourselves an excerpt of the performance of the sacked musicians: