New York Times accuses CAMI of passing off shoddy goods

Some mistake, surely?

The Times, usually reserved for  musical puffery, is accusing the nation’s biggest agency of touring dubious orchestras.

The story is not new, not even recent, but it has been given a burst of energy by widening disgruntlement at some of the orchs that have been shuttling the boondocks. The Times, for once, has done a good piece of diligence. The results are here.

Cami is not the only promulgator of dodgy orchestras, or the worst. It has done nothing illegal. If people buy tickets to a concert by the ‘Dublin Philharmonic’ without bothering to google and see if Ireland has such a thing, they have only their gullibility to blame.

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  • CAMI may have done something illegal — either intentionally submitting false data to the immigration service for performers visas, or assisting the touring group to do so. Either way, CAMI is intentionally misleading promoters and audiences in order to make a fast buck. It is a shameless ploy and undermines every participant in the music industry.

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