Come sing in my choir. No, come sing in mine!

Come sing in my choir. No, come sing in mine!


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2011

Just when you thought television had run clean out of ideas, here’s an original wheeze from ITV.

It’s called The Choir That Rocks and the aim is to excite people around the country to join together and sing pop music.

Brilliant, right? Everyone should sing. It wards off depression and cures smoking. It’s better for you than jogging. It puts you at the head of a supermarket queue (try it).

The presenter of The Choir That Rocks, Caroline Redman Lusher, is classically trained and I’d be right up for the idea if it wasn’t a straight steal – sorry, a tribute series – to what Gareth Malone does so successfully on the BBC.

What’s new on telly? Nothing at all.

photo: Telegraph

Press release below:

This new three part entertaining documentary series tells the stories of people from all over Britain united by one common desire… to sing in the inspirational Rock Choir.  Filmed over five months, the cameras follow Rock Choir’s dynamic founder Caroline Redman Lusher and her dedicated team as they expand the Rock Choir empire across Britain.  With their electrifying repertoire of current and classic pop and rock numbers; from Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams to Aretha Franklin; this Choir will get everyone wanting to join in.


Rock Choir is the largest and most popular choir in the UK, with 150 rehearsals in 90 towns across the country and more than 8000 members.  For many of its members it is a stress-busting inspiration, giving them life-changing experiences they never thought possible.  It’s come a long way from a small advertisement put up in a coffee shop in Farnham by Caroline Redman Lusher five years ago.


In this three part series the uplifting story of Rock Choir will be told; of people all over Britain who come together to sing feel-good rock, pop, soul chart hits.  With no need to audition the only requirements are enthusiasm and commitment.  Full of Brits with true grit and heart-warming stories, Rock Choir and its many characters is a story about real people and real lives.


Over the series compelling stories will unfold and engaging characters will emerge: the plumber who practises his choirs’ dance routine while he mends a leaky boiler; the teenagers performing their version of a Pixie Lott song in the classroom; the 24 year old who has finally found her confidence since being knocked by childhood bullies, the retired husband and wife who enjoy attending the choir together and a women battling cancer who gains strength from her fellow choir members.


This is the true story of what has already been dubbed the “people’s choir”.  A national phenomenon that has touched thousands of ordinary people and changed some of their lives forever.  From rehearsals in drafty halls, barns and theatres to live performances – be they in local shopping centres or school halls, the series will be there as the dramas unfold – seeing the choirs as they struggle with new songs, the battles for the coveted solos and the drive to get members for the newest choirs.


From Portsmouth to Glasgow, Rock Choir is constantly growing, but the ultimate dream is get everyone performing together in one vast stadium.  Will Rock Choir and its members will be able to pull it off?


The programme has been developed by 10 Star Entertainment, who produced Boyzone: A Tribute To Stephen Gately for ITV1 earlier this year, and has been commissioned by John Kaye Cooper, ITV Controller of Entertainment. Series producer is Alannah Richardson (Supersizers, Grand Designs) and is Co-Executive Produced by 10 Star Entertainment CEO, Beatrice Ballard (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, Any Dream Will Do) and 10 Star Entertainment Executive Producer, Rachael Parker (X Factor, Big Brother).




  • liz says:

    very dissappointed in your comments, as a member of rockchoir myself for over 6 years, nothing new!! l think we are. as for being a steal of gareth, exactly how many people has he brought together to sing as we do, and has he been on the scene for 6 years. No he hasn’t. Rockchoir brings alot of happiness to lots of people. week in, week out. Caroline has made us all into a massive family, who all care and look out for each other, for some people that is all they have. So please reconsider your introductory comments as they are unfair.