Breaking: US conductor lands British orchestra

Breaking: US conductor lands British orchestra


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2011

Best news of the day, so far.

The Buffalo Philharmonic conductor JoAnn Falletta has been named chief conductor of the Ulster Orchestra, a post left vacant since Kenneth Montgomery’s retirement. JoAnn’s just the right kind of livewire to blow cobwebs off a band, and just the right kind of personality to spread sweetness and light across the north of Ireland. Here’s the first report, in the Belfast Telegraph.

Go for it, JoAnn!


  • This is truly wonderful news for Maestra Falletta and the Ulster Orchestra! I have had the pleasure to work with Maestra Falletta several times as well as with the Ulster Orchestra during the tenure of Yan Pascal Tortelier. Fine orchestra and splendid audiences!

  • Excellent! Ms. Falletta is an exceptional conductor, and the Ulster Orchestra is most fortunate.

  • george brown says:

    Good band — good conductor — looks like a great fit. Kudos to both!!!!

  • bob p says:

    Falletta is fine and she is a Maestro. Can we please put this “Maestra” nonsense to rest once and for all. I hear it so much in English-speaking circles. In Italian “maestra” means only one thing: school teacher. Whether you are a female or male conductor, if you are good you are called MAESTRO. It is a unisex term.

  • Steve Baker says:

    Congratulations are in order to both Ms. Falletta and the Ulster Orchestra.. I had the great fortune to work with JoAnn when I was its Associate Executive Director at the Buffalo Phiilharmonic. She’s a dream to work with and a wonderful human being.

  • I wish I could ever play with a conductor described by NL as “just the right kind of personality to spread sweetness and light”. For now, I just wonder about the very nature of the proccess which resulted in her collaboration with the irish band.