Another orchestra pulls out of Japan

The National Orchestra of Lyon in France, with conductor Jun Märkl, have cancelled next month’s tour of Japan after ‘extensive consultations with musicians and staff’, who expressed ‘disquiet’ about travelling in the recent earthquake and tsunami zone.

The musicians of Lyon had received assurances that there was no risk to life or health. They had also been advised of the importance of showing solidarity to the Japanese people at this moment. None of these arguments, however, prevailed with the comfort-conscious musicians and crew.

This would have been Lyon’s third trip to Japan, scheduled for June 5-14. They should not be invited back.

Japanese audiences and managers will want to hear more of orchestras like the Seoul Philharmonic that rushed to bring comfort and support.


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  • The tour was to have been conduced by Jun Märkl, the orchestra’s chief conductor, not Emmanuel Krivine, who held that position from 1987 to 2000…

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