The 10 fastest dying industries

An authoritative market report by IBISWorld lists the 10 fastest dying industries in the US.

They are:
1 Manufactured Home Dealers
2 Record Stores
3 Photofinishing; 
4 Wired Telecommunications Carriers; 
5 & 6 Apparel Manufacturing (men’s and women’s); 
7 Newspaper Publishing; 
8 DVD Game and Video Rental; 
9 Mills
10 Formal Wear and Costume Rental. 
The list is a snapshot of how high streets have changed over the past decade, and how they might change further over the next. If record stores have gone – the second biggest casualty -book outlets cannot be far behind. If anything to do with photography and printing is now self-op, what hope for publishers?
Worrying times.

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  • I think with more people putting out their own books and CDs we are going to have more music and books than ever before. If that happens, an industry is going to spring up performing the service of sifting through it all. One way or another, books and music will always be with us. The way I see it, it’s not all bad news!

  • You’re right about requiring some future industry to “sift through it all”, which is exactly the current scenario- everyone is a self-proclaimed author/artist/musician, which is both a plus and a minus in a free society.

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