Shall I go as a Nazi or a nun?

Shall I go as a Nazi or a nun?


norman lebrecht

April 18, 2011

The Austrian Embassy has invited me to a dinner to announce the most exciting event to hit Salzburg since Herbert von Karajan discovered botox.

It is – I can hardly wait – the very first time that the city of salt has put on its own, its very own production of The Sound of Music. In the Landestheater. Auf Deutsch (I think).
High on the hills, that goatherd’s not feeling so lonely any more. And Doh is not a deer in German. Apart from that, authentic as it comes.
But you can see my problem: what do I wear? It’s The Sound of Music. Audience participation is required. I can’t find my wimple and there’s no way I’m going as Prince Harry.
Guess I’d better plead an alternative engagement.
On second thoughts, I could go dressed as Andrew Lloyd Webber…
Here’s the invite:

Where: Austrian Embassy, Belgravia, Main Entrance,

On behalf of SalzburgerLand Tourism and Salzburg
Tourism it gives me great pleasure to invite you to a press gourmet dinner at
the Austrian Embassy, London, taking you behind the scenes of Salzburg’s
cultural top events this year.

On 23rd October 2011, Salzburg celebrates a very special event
– the Salzburg Landestheater hosts the beloved musical “The Sound of Music” on
stage in Salzburg for the first time in history!

Leo Bauernberger, CEO
SalzburgerLand Tourism, Gunda Bleckmann, Salzburg Tourism and Dr. Carl Philipp
von Maldeghem, Intendant Landestheatre Salzburg, will be there to provide you
with information. What’s more, entertainment will be
guaranteed with a surprise artist to guide you through the evening.



  • Tom Myron says:

    Split the difference: A Nunzi.

  • Ilkka Talvi says:

    Not only did von Karajan discover botox, he made Anne-Sophie Mutter use it. Just look at the video of her playing the Beethoven concerto with her mentor: not one muscle of her face moves. Eerie.
    Go to the party as Jörg Haider.

  • Hello there!
    I thought Sound of Music fans who plan on attending the performances in Salzburg will be excited to know that they can now dress like Liesl in her dancing dress from the gazebo scene! Visit for pictures.
    Auf wiedersehen!