One blast too many for EMI?

One blast too many for EMI?


norman lebrecht

April 27, 2011

A tweet from Oslo tells me that EMI are about to announce a 4-CD deal with the latest Nordic dazzler, the young, blonde trumpet player, Tine Thing Helseth.

Trouble is, EMI already have a young, blonde trumpet player in Alison Balsom.

There is, as Maynard Keynes once wrote, a limit to the public demand for records by young blonde trumpet players.
Which leaves me wondering whether EMI is shrewdly trying to corner an unspotted market. Or whether is has bitten off one trumpet more than it can chew.
Maybe those Citibankers who own EMI know a Thing or two?


  • Richard Kessler says:

    Maybe EMI realized that they have found another young blonde trumpet player, Helseth, who just so happened to be better and quite amazing. Oddly too, her name is reminds me of another great trumpet player: Herseth.

  • Jason Parker says:

    Why is there a “limit to the public demand for records by young blonde trumpet players.”? If she can play she can play. Who cares what she looks like?
    No one asked Blue Note why they signed Ambrose Akinmusire when they already had Wynton Marsalis…

  • Thomas Goss says:

    Um – they are both young, blonde, and female – but I wonder if they were both blonde, young, and male, whether this would have been touted as an issue, no matter how facetious. Let’s keep issues like this focused on the music, the multiplicity of similar players, and the marketability of the genre, and not on gender or looks.
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