Into the pussycats' den

Into the pussycats' den


norman lebrecht

April 13, 2011

I am chairing a session for IAMA, the international artist managers association, later today.

This is where agents big and small get together to fix artist careers for the next year or few.
Musicians are strictly barred. A major competition winner asked if I could get him in. The answer was, No. Like you don’t invite a calf to the annual convention of abbatoir owners.
I shall try to have fun keeping the peace among my panellists who include:
– Bogdan Roscic, head of Sony Classical
– Jasper Parrott, who tried to merge his business with Universal
– Jessica Lustig, who does stuf with virtual orchestras and
– John Minch, head of Boosey & Hawkes
Security permitting, I might even blog and tweet a few secrets. Do watch slipped disc.
Oh, and there’s a keynote from Deborah Borda. I’ll try to send that over, too.