I saw your agent p*ss away your future

I saw your agent p*ss away your future


norman lebrecht

April 14, 2011

Well, a man has to go when a man has to go. 

So there I was at the IAMA urinals, stuck between two classical music biz fixers and going, as it were, with the flow.

Now there are good agents and bad agents, and they are often one and the same person, showing one face or the other as the situation demands.
I had just heard one of them declare that in 46 years he had thought of nothing but how to help his artists get their talent to the widest possible audience, oblivious to his recent efforts to sell the whole batch of them into corporate bondage. 
An oxymoron? A contradiction in terms?
Not at all. He was being perfectly true to himself and his chameleon occupation. 
It so happened that an eminent concert artist, past winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition, had put in a request to attend our IAMA session. The answer was No. Plain No.
The music business does not like artists to see it all unbuttoned. That’s why slipped disc is obliged to perform a natural function between the two dichotomies. 
As if I needed to tell you that…