How I helped make Proms history

Some months ago I received a Facebook message from a bright young artist complaining that his agent understood neither him nor his instrument.

He wanted to make direct contacts with the BBC Proms and record industry with some specific propositions that seemed to me both viable and attractive. I sent him the email addresses of two people I thought might be of like mind and was nicely thanked for my modest intervention.
The end result, announced today, is that Mahan Esfehani will be giving the first solo harpsichord recital in the 116-year history of the Proms. It’s on July 18 at Cadogan Hall, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
The agent, by the way, said: ‘well, that negates us, doesn’t it?’
Guess so.
photo: (c) Marco Borggreve, all right reserved (borrowed with permission from Mahan’s website)

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  • Hmmm. As a former member of the BBC New Generation Artists scheme – always represented widely at the Proms – I’m not convinced that Mahan would have had too much trouble getting in touch with the right people anyway…

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