DG chief producer goes back to vinyl

One of Deutsche Grammophon’s top producers, Rainer Maillard, has taken up a new venture recording music live to vinyl. It’s not just the sound that gets better, he says on this promo video, it’s the way the musicians play, knowing there can be no second take.

Maillard is a serious man. He’s currently head of the Emile Berliner studios, formerly owned by DG.
Take a look here

                                 Millard, with Alice Sara Ott. photo: DG

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  • Seems like a PR gimmick to me. There’s nothing preventing musicians from recording on a superior digital recorder in a single take.

  • Emil Berliner Studios has nothing to do with DG anymore, there was a buyout and the company is independent.

  • Rainer is not Chief Producer at DG, at least he wasn’t when I was VP of A&R at the label. In fact no such job title exists there. EBS was successfully bought out by the management from DG,so this is all a bit misleading.
    NL: Matthew – I call Rainer ‘one of DG’s top producers’ which he was, and I’ve clarified the ownership situation of the EB studios.

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