Better maestro news: Mariss renews

Better maestro news: Mariss renews


norman lebrecht

April 17, 2011

There were broad grins all over Munich on Friday.

Mariss Jansons signed a new contract with the Bavarian Radio rochestra, taking him up to 2015.
Given that Mariss is also committed to the Concertgebouw and in perpetually parlous health, there were fears he might drop one band or the other.
Munich got him to sign first. That leaves Amsterdam biting its nails.
Both have set up their own CD labels to disseminate his work.


  • Randolph Magri-Overend says:

    Hi – While I agree that the violin was a ‘Jewish’ instrument, I think you’ll find that the instrument has now been claimed by the Japanese and Chinese. Anything to do with the Suzuki method of teaching? Cheers and many thanks for your wisdom and your very informative blog.