Viv gives again – a cool £8.2 million to the arts

Viv gives again – a cool £8.2 million to the arts


norman lebrecht

March 24, 2011

Just as Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt preens himself on establishing the ‘most generous tax regime in the world for arts giving, philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield has stepped into the breach to address urgent needs in the arts in a year of government clawbacks.

She has given £8.2 million to 11 institutions ranging from the Royal Shakespeare Company to the Holburne Museum in Bath. Most of the grants are education or child oriented.
Let’s hear it for Dame Viv. (She’s the one next in line)


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    So she’s played right in to the hands of the government and you think she should be applauded?
    The government should be supporting the arts. They have the money to pay for cruise missiles etc. they should get their priorioties right and not depending on individuals.