The things you really want to know – ask Anna

The things you really want to know – ask Anna


norman lebrecht

March 21, 2011

The soprano Anna Netrebko has added an interactive feature to her website by which fans can ask all the things they really want to knowl like

– what really happened between you and Rolando that made him crash out?
– do you ever get, er, really hot on stage?
– have you got a Sam Cam handbag? what, not yet?
– do you bank offshore in Panama, like Placido?
– do you ever listen to those idiots at the record company who are paying for this website?
Ah well, dream on.
The permitted questions are of stultifying banality:

“Which songs do you sing most often to your son as a lullaby? And what does Erwin sing? Do you sometimes both sing to him together?” -Pedro Ciarlini, Brazil

“Which opera would you recommend to attract young people to this art form? And why? Or is it not possible to give a single suggestions?”-Tomas Piesl,

“Which place on earth do you like the most?”-Rado Radic, Slovakia …

And so on….. Anna answers each of them with thoughtful consideration, occasionally glancing aside to check with an invisible media advisor in her kitchen.

This is celebrity culture at its most stainless.


  • Marie Lamb says:

    Gee, maybe I should do like they told me not to do in Journalism Club in middle school, and ask,
    “Ms. Netrebko, what’s your favorite color?” Or maybe I should repeat Barbara Walters’ infamous question for Katharine Hepburn, “What kind of tree would you like to be?” Ah, such a temptation! 😉

  • Brian says:

    That’s really funny. Did you see the NY Times profile on her morning routine? More revelations: