Salzburg offers licensed brothel as new festival attraction

Among the many things you can do in Salzburg between one opera and the next marzipan ball is visit the state-licensed prostitutes on the street where Mozart was born – just a few minutes’ stroll from where ‘Silent Night’ was first heard.

I offer this information from an official Salzburg tour site which was brought to my attention by artists who are being offered accommodation on the same lane.
Now prostitution may be an older profession than music and no-one would ever confuse one for the other. But it does seem callous, even by Austrian standards, to be selling both services off the same site and without the faintest wink of irony.
The sex workers, we are informed, ‘have little red lanterns in front of their main entrance’. I guess opera singers don’t.
Here’s the Visit Salzburg site. 
And here’s its post-Mozart usp.
wikipedia, GFDL

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