Menuhin moves to Beijing – and Barbirolli gives up the ghost

The next competition in the late Yehudi’s name will be held in China, it has just been announced. 

That should give the instrument a huge boost in the biggest musical market on earth. If I were Lang Lang, I’d offer to accompany the Kreutzer Sonata – just to keep up the home profile.

Last year’s Menuhin Competition, in Oslo, wound up with a performance by the Eurovision Song Contest winner, Alexander Rybak. Beat that, Beijing.
Here’s Yehudi conducting the Chinese premiere of the Elgar concerto:

Here’s a link with the full press release.
Sadder news just in: the Barbirolli oboe festival and competition has been cancelled, due to loss of key grants. See here. It was founded by the conductor’s widow, Evelyn, a wonderful enthusiast for her instrument.


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