How's your opera house performing? Dresden's doing better.

Times are tough, I know, but how is your opera house shaping up to tight budgets? In many cases by putting on fewer shows. Six new productions next year? Eight? Ten?

Dresden’s doing nineteen.
Yep, you read that right. The Semper Oper in Dresden under the vigorous management of Ulrike Hessler, is splashing out on 19 new shows, including the world premiere of an opera by the Czech, Miroslav Srnka, and a revival of the inter-war Czech hit, Schwanda the Bagpiper.
The Germans have a different was of counting premieres that the rest of us, including gala nights and children’s works. Nevertheless, eight new opera, five new ballets and much else suggests that Dresden is not resting on any laurels. Ms Hessler (below) also made it clear that Wagner was being rested ahead of his birthday year in 2013.
Sounds like the Semper’s in pretty good shape. Here’s a German report.
Hang on – news just in: NĂĽrnberg is doing 10 new opera productions, three ballets, 16 plays. Beat that.
Semperoper zeigt 19 Premieren ...

photo: dpa

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  • One day soon we are going to wake up and find that the Germans are again driving the serious music bus… 🙂

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