Breaking: Liz Forgan refuses to debate cuts live with Lebrecht

Dame Liz Forgan, chair of Arts Council England, has been asked to justify her cuts live on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme this evening.

I was asked by the programme’s editor to appear opposite her.
Liz has just told the BBC that she won’t appear with Lebrecht – ‘and you can tell him I said so’.
Unlike her to run scared of a fight. She must be feeling on very shaky ground.

                                          photo: ACE
Either way, one of us will have to record our comments beforehand so that Liz does not have to face me.
Appropriate conduct for a public official? Hey-ho.
LATE  EXTRA: Arts and Business chief Colin Tweedy tells me she made the same condition with Radio 4’s World at One when he was due to debate cuts with her last November.

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