Yet another EMI v-p goes overboard

Yet another EMI v-p goes overboard


norman lebrecht

January 11, 2011

What started as a trickle of top brass leaving EMI Classics is turning into a stampede. Head of A&R Stephen John was first to go last year, followed by head of catalogue, Graham Southern (who has recently found a niche at Universal). 

Now it’s the head of North America and head of digital, or as he is known in the office V-P, EMI Classics NAMEX (North America-Mexico). Chris Montgomery lasted less than a year after succeeding Mark Forlow. The mind boggles at how much compensation the label must be paying out to senior execs who can’t cut the mustard – or at least can’t cut it with label chief, Eric Dingman.
The latest departure has not yet been officially announced. Dingman will be spending part of his time in New York to cover the vacancy until another appointment is made, hardly the best way to run a corner store. But it may not be for long. The general expectation is that EMI will be broken up by Citibank before the the first daffodils are in bloom. And then, I guess, the last v-p will turn the lights out.
LATE EXTRA: Hedge trimmer Guy Hands is appealing the verdict he lost against Citibank, possibly delaying the inevitable by a few extra months. Report here.


  • Marie Lamb says:

    Well, I guess this answers a question that someone had about EMI’s future after your 10 predictions from the other day! Why am I not surprised at this news? 🙁

  • Yi-Peng Li says:

    Mr. Lebrecht,
    Are you aware of the news that Warner is looking to sell off its music group too? I’ve wondered if you could mention it in your blog because Warner is struggling like EMI.