Trouble at mill for Elgar's northern lass

Trouble at mill for Elgar's northern lass


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2011

The Venezuelan conductor Natalia Luisa-Bassa, who made such a strong impression on John Bridcut’s Elgar film, has hit a sticky patch in Yorkshire. Various correspondents have informed me that she walked out on her orchestra during a rehearsal in Huddersfield three months ago and has yet to return. It’s a question of respect, she says. She has it, the  musicians don’t.

It sounds to me like something that got lost in translation. Up in Yorkshire, they don’t walk away from the crease. ‘Don’t give up yer wicket,’ bellows Sir Geoffrey every time an England batsman gets himself out at the cricket with a silly shot or a misjudged run. Good advice for conductors everywhere: don’t walk out til you’ve got a better place to go.
Come on, Natalia, strap on your pads. Get back in there.


  • Marie Lamb says:

    Unfortunate news, especially about a young conductor of obvious talent, as we saw and heard in the video posted on this blog the other day. I hope this is straightened out, and that this does not become a pattern. Many hope to hear more of her work, and that will only happen if she hangs in there and doesn’t let such things get to her.