Question for the Culture Secretary

Question from the Member for Clarity (S.) to the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt.

Sir: Could the Rt. Hon. Member explain why the chief executive of Arts Council England, Alan Davey, cannot find the time to meet with the Head of Arts at Britain’s second largest city? Apparently, the arts boss at Birmingham City Council cannot get a date. 
Is this because
(a) the ACE is anti-Midlands?
(b) Mr Davey has a rare complaint of the right hand that prevents him from picking up a telephone receiver?
(c) the ACE is now inundated with 1,340 applications, a bureaucratic exercise of Mr Davey’s making that has paralysed the organisation and prevented it from doing an honest day’s work?

                                                                                      photo: ACE

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  • Norman – presumably it’s becuase if he did it for one he would have to see everyone who asked for an opportunity to make a special plea?
    NL replies: John – Surely he can tell the difference between major and minor (clients, that is)?

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