What Franz Welser-Möst would die for

The conductor Franz Welser-Möst has a busy weekend. Saturday morning he will be presiding over the annual Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Day concert. Sunday he will appear on WQXR’s Mad About Music, telling Gilbert Kaplan some of his darker secrets.

As well as airing his reflections on hostile music critics – a must-hear for misery hacks – the music director of the Cleveland Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera gets to pick a wild-card record, one that you wouldn’t expect to appear among his personal favourites. What can I tell you? It’s not a Strauss waltz or a Bruckner dirge (Franz is from Linz, like Bruckner and the other famous Austrian, name escapes me). 

Pin your ears back, it’s a klezmer whirl.
He also gets to pick the music for his funeral. Simon Keenlyside, check your diary. He’s booking you for Schubert songs, date to be advised.

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